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of users said they were satisfied with Sensilift after just one treatment
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of users reported improved skin appearance, texture and wrinkle reduction following use of the device
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of users who completed 8 Sensilift treatments experienced overall reduction in facial wrinkles, even after 5 months!
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Sensilift: Your At-Home Beauty BFF

Hey gorgeous! Ready to take your skincare game to the next level? Meet Sensilift – your new secret weapon for stunning, youthful skin without ever leaving your house. It’s quick, easy, and packed with all the pro features you need to look fabulous. Let’s dive into why you’re going to love it!

Double Safety:

Safety first, always! Sensilift’s unique double safety mechanism ensures that your skin gets the best treatment without any worries. It’s like having a skincare bodyguard!

Pro Tech

Say hello to DRF™ technology, the most advanced radio frequency tech out there. Get spa-quality results without leaving your couch. Talk about leveling up your skincare routine!

Quick Glow-Up:

Busy life? No problem! Just 5 minutes, once a week, and you’ll see visible results. It’s the ultimate glow-up hack for the modern woman on the go.

Boosts Collagen:

Wrinkles? What wrinkles? Sensilift stimulates collagen production to reduce wrinkles and smooth your skin. Get ready to meet the new, youthful you!

Fast Results!

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Easy Steps For Younger Looking Skin

Prepare Your Skin:

Ensure Skin is Dry, Clean, and Product-Free. Remove Jewelry.

Apply Base Gel Evenly:

Apply an even layer of Base Gel over the treatment area.

Start Treatment:

Activate the device, adjust settings, and ensure full skin contact. Move slowly in circular motions for best results.


The clinically proven Dynamic RF™ technology in Sensilift combines clinically proven RF (Radio Frequency), with advanced facial massage. It works by allowing multiple RF waves to reach deeper and more evenly through the skin layers to heat tissues containing collagen. This heat both generates new collagen and remodels existing collagen, resulting in reduced wrinkles and improved skin elasticity.

Sensilift is designed for wrinkle reduction and skin elasticity renewal on the: hands, décolletage, neck, crow’s feet, cheeks, around the mouth, chin and jawline”

Yes, the Sensilift wrinkle-reduction device has been tested and approved by dermatologists and physicians to meet the FDA safety standards for home use. It is important to use the device only as instructed in the Instructions for Use.

Sensilift should not be used over sunburns and dark brown or black spots such as liver spots, birth marks, around the nipples, moles or blisters in the treatment area.

Not at all, in fact it’s just the opposite. When used correctly, Sensilift creates a warm and relaxing sensation on the area being treated.

Results may be visible from the first treatment. For long-lasting results, the treatment should be repeated as recommended in the protocol (8 treatments).

For long-lasting results use Sensilift once a week for 8 weeks on each area. Maintenance treatments every 4-8 weeks can help sustain long-term results. The treatment protocol has been clinically proven to be the most efficient and effective way to use the device.

Yes, it is strictly prohibited to use Sensilift without Gel Base. The Base Gel has been specially designed to work with Sensilift. It improves contact with your skin which improves skin conductivity and proper delivery of Dynamic RF energy, ensuring you both safety and treatment efficacy.

Sensilift can be used for all complexions.

See What True Users Say

D. Pickering

Verified purchase

Seen improvement after using it once. I’ve noticed an immediate improvement in the fine lines of the face. This is now part of me daily routine.

Tau Tocar

Verified purchase

Fast results and also needs persistence. I’ve noticed the difference after only one treatment, even though I was a bit sceptical in the beginning, was surprised to see the fine lines gone off my face, just be persistent.

Barbara Andre

Verified purchase

Effective and easy to use. Entire face looks tighter now, my smile lines are barely visible, very nice addition to my skin care.

Julie Adkins

Verified purchase

Happy with results. The Anti ageing device is really working and making my skin tighter and smoother.

M. Davila

Verified purchase

Easy to use and effective. The device seems to be effective for me. It might be the ease of use or the feeling it works but I actually use it regularly and I’m happy so far, nice product.

Mel Wak
Verified purchase
Sensilift works! I enjoy using my Sensilift radio frequency device. It is like a warm, gentle massage and the conductive gel feels silky on my skin. After treatment my skin feels energized with a slight tightening sensation. I have been using mine for several weeks and I see a difference in my crew’s feet, nasolabial folds and marionette lines. I look forward to my weekly treatments. The instructions are easy to read and apply.
Verified purchase
Massage adds on. I like the massage effect which kind of increases the waves along with radio frequency treatment, the device is easy to use, so far I’m happy.

Roslyn Francis

Verified purchase

Skin looks plump and tight. I bought this product 2 months ago, use it on a regular basis and just love the results so far, it really gives my skin a great plump after treatment, wish I could use it more often than once a week.

Lubna Wahiid

Verified purchase

Company and product made a good impression on me, their service seems professional, the products I’ve treated with made a difference to my face.

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